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Suction Cup Reacher Grabber

Suction Cup Reacher Grabber

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"I haven't even owned this for a week! With that being said it's the best thing ever. I just had a hysterectomy and am unable to do a ton of things. The suction cup things are wonderful because it gives you the ability to pick up difficult things like charging cords. I can't speak highly enough about this! It grabs and does all sorts of things from soda cans, cords, turning off light switches, picking up dropped phones, etc.." - Thomas M., AR

Get a great discount on our Suction Cup Reacher Grabber while the NEW YEAR SALE is on. Once we sell 500 units, we will be increasing the price back up to $119.99.


  • The ingenious new tool that grabs where you can’t reach
  • Perfect for items in high places, behind the couch or in small tight spaces
  • Holds on even if you let go and continuous squeezing
  • Strong rubber suction cups provide a secure grip on any item, including smooth or slippery objects like glass or metal, without damaging the surface
  • Foldable for easy storage, jewelry hook, and magnet help grab even the smallest hard to get items
  • Whether you need to change a light bulb, pick up trash or grab something out of your reach
  • Great for those with limited dexterity, arthritis, carpal tunnel, or those recovering from surgery or injury


  • Length: 31.5 inch (80 cm)


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